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Basic Package

Download Speed: up to 5mbps

Upload Speed: up to 1mbps

Intro Package great for the casual internet user needing access to web browsing, social media and light streaming. 

Reg Price/mo. - $39.99


Swift Package

Download Speed: up to 10mpbs

Upload Speed: up to 2mbps

Best for the Interner user that needs browsing, casual streaming, zoom calls, home schooling

Reg Price/mo. - $59.99


Rapid Package

Download Speed: up to 25mbps

Upload Sped: up to 5mbps

Heavy Internet users that want to do it all. Works with gaming, streaming and more.

Reg Price/mo. - $79.99

Ways to Setup Service:

          Lease Service:  $100 Setup fee

                                     $7 monthly lease fee


          Purchase Service:  $100 setup fee

                                           $200 equipment and install fee

                                           No monthly leasing fee

Protection Plan: For $7 per month protect your equipment.  As long as your service is active the equipment we provide is covered and service calls(if needed) are free of charge. (normal service call rate is $99)

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