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Accelerated Internet

Locally owned and operated right here in Shelocta, PA.  Accelerated internet designed plans specifically for the Shelocta Borough and  surrounding areas to give our customers speed they need to stay connected without overpaying for ridiculous speeds advertised by the big cable providers

hyper speed.jpg

Sonic Basic

Download Speed: up to 25mbps

Upload Speed: up to 5mbps

Great priced plan that can easily handle the basics of internet, streaming, gaming and more. 



Sonic Swift

Download Speed: up to 50mbps

Upload Speed: up to 10mbps

Easily handles 4k and multiple streams, gaming and more. 


light speed.jpg

Sonic Rapid

Download Speed: up to 75mbps

Upload Speed: up to 20mbps

Great for gamers, streamers and anyone that wants to go fast


*no all homes qualify ask for availability

Ways to Setup Service:

               Lease Service:  $100 setup fee

                                          $7 per month equipment least fee

               Purchase Service:  $100 setup fee

                                                $200 equipment and install fee

                                                No monthly leasing fee

Benefits of Accelerated Internet:

               - locally owned and operated

               - unlimited data

               - speeds that are needed not unnecessary

               -  no contract required

Current coverage area for Accerlated Internet Sonic Plans

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