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With DIRECTV's all included packages the HDDVR is included at no extra charge.  Sports fans get the most out of their service including the NFL Sunday ticket and with the addition of AT&T cell service you can bundle and save.  To learn more about DIRECTV packages and pricing click on the button below. 


This is the choice for you if:

  • Already have or are looking to switch to AT&T, and you are interested in bundling your wireless and TV options

  • Love sports and want the NFL Sunday Ticket so that you never miss a touchdown


If you are looking for cable service in your area we have you covered.  Sky Satellite LLC is a local cable provider for both Dish Network and DIRECTV.  Imagine being able to order your favorite national product but being able to speak with someone that is from the same area as you. No more call centers, no more holds!  We provide customers the opportunity to speak with our local staff and once the appointment is set, you will be installed and serviced with our local installers.  

So, which option is best for you?


DISH offers a 2 year price guarantee and has the largest DVR storage available with 16 tuners built into the Hopper 3.  Combine the power of your voice with the new voice remote and you can surf channels with ease.  To learn more about DISH packages and pricing click the button below.  


This is the choice for you if:

  • You're a movie fanatic that wants the option to also surf channels with ease

  • Often record shows to watch later and need more storage

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With AT&T TV, enjoy the benefit of 40,000 on-demand titles and access to stream from 5,000 apps, including Netflix, HBO, and Pandora.* Plus, it's an easy self-setup and you can use the voice remote with Google Assistant technology to access your favorite entertainment, change channels, and control your smart home devices.  

This choice is for you if:


*Requires separate subscription

  • You have internet service and love streaming both your music and TV all from one device

  • Have less  than three TVs in your home

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