Stay connected with internet and phone services from AT&T. Now with with the ability for streaming along with connecting with DIRECTV plans, AT&T is better than ever. 

This is the choice for you if:

  • Want to bundle your TV, internet and phone all together

  • Live in an area with good cell service


If you are looking for internet service in your area we have you covered.  Sky Satellite LLC is a local internet service provider for both HughesNet and AT&T. Imagine being able to order your favorite national product but being able to speak with someone that is from the same area as you. No more call centers, no more holds!  We provide customers the opportunity to speak with our local staff for all of your questions and concerns.  

So, which option is best for you?

HughesNet in Blue.png

HughesNet is satellite internet like you've never experienced before. With more data, an added Bonus Zone and built-in WiFi, HughesNet provides high-speed internet no matter where you live. 


This is the choice for you if:

  • Live in a rural area with limited to no cell service

  • Don't want to pay overage charges