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Sky Satellite LLC refer a friend

Referral Program

Earn money simply by referring a friend.  

Sky Satellite Referral Program is fast and easy.  New Customers simply fill out the form to the right before setting up their order.  Directions on placing the order will pop up after the form is submitted.  

Scroll down to see rules of referral program


New Customer Info

Thank you! Our reps will contact you soon to take your order or to place an immediate order please call 1-844-880-8194

Referral Program Rules

-All new customers orders must first have filled out the form on the referral program website prior to placing their order, and must purchase services directly from Sky Satellite LLC

-New Customer must maintain active service for a minimum of 31 days.  Referral will automaically be processed after 31 days.  Payment will arrive to referring customer 4 to 6 weeks after processing.  


-Referring customer must have either purchased their services directly from Sky Satellite or been installed by a Sky Satellite certified installer.

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